Server cell rent

Server cell leasing is a unique service on the co-location market, as Clients of our STACK 24 Data Centre need not to construct their own DPC. After renting a server cell our Client actually gets his own DPC inside our Data Centre with a server room comprising 38 or 50 server racks isolated from other Clients. We provide such Clients with a full range of services from guaranteed power supply and cooling of server racks to physical (our access control and video monitoring system) and communication security, together with all telecommunication services.

After housing proper IT-infrastructure within a rented cell, our Client has no necessity to build his own DPC spending vast capital funds on its construction and desired fail-over protection. There is no longer need to maintain and operate hardware, spend huge money on non-core activities.

Server cell rent is ideal for companies which want to::

  • Organize a main corporative DPC instead of constructing their own
  • Organize a geographically distributed reserve DPC to ensure ceaseless and disaster recovery;
  • An ideal variant to house our Client's fast-growing IT-infrastructure, if there is neither electrical, climatical, nor space opportunity for own server room arrangement

This service includes a segment organization physically isolated by fender within the server cell, with a space from 4 rack spaces and more providing all needed physical security means (own access control and video monitoring system)

Each project price is individual. Please, contact our specialists for financial estimate.

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