Rack space rent

Our service of rack space leasing would be interesting for middle and large companies, which have a big set of network and server equipment and such companies need to maintain ceaseless IT-processes. This rent service would be interesting also for communications service providers with responsibilities of: guaranteed ceaseless work of telecommunication equipment, organization of a certificated communication hub. Rack space leasing service is available for small companies as well, for those, which have several servers in their farm, but need to rent a rack space individually for their proprietary equipment. Renting a rack space in our STACK 24 Data Centre is a guarantee of a maximum data and IT-processes accessibility on Client’s servers together; no need for a company to build and maintain its own server rooms, corporative DPCs, thus, our Clients can aim at their core activities only and decrease their expenditures. In our Stack 24 Data Centre each Client may use Rittal 45U (600*1000*2200 mm) server rack leasing service or locate his own server racks of any sizes.

By giving his confidence and installing his server rack with network and communication equipment into our STACK 24 Data Centre, our Clients get:

  • Space for Client’s server rack of any size
  • Client Server is connected to the 1st class uninterruptable power supply
  • Two independent power cables for Client’s server room or telecommunication rack up to 35kW/h per rack
  • Power consumption of Client’s equipment is calculated by real consumption
  • Constant climate control: 22±4 °C and 45±20% air humidity in server rooms
  • 24/7/365 Tech and customer support
  • 24/7 Client’s authorized personnel access to the Data Centre
  • Full set of additional options to achieve physical and informational security
  • 100 Mb/s Shared unlimited Internet
  • All-telecommunication services leasing option: All-telecommunication services leasing option: guaranteed Internet channel leasing; L2/L3 vpn telecommunication line leasing; physical optic infrastructure leasing
  • 99,982% Per year guaranteed and SLA stated server accessibility

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