Virtual infrastructure rent

We cannot imagine our modern world without such realia, as the Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), where companies rent some volumes of server capacities and disc spaces. That’s where all advantages of the virtual infrastructure come:

  • Possibility to change volumes of RAM, processor cores and disc space in a very short time. This is ideal while introducing new services or improving performance in critical hours
  • Comfortable data backup and servers restoration.
  • Comfortable virtual servers control. Comfortable installation of operational systems, clones and templates from production servers.
  • Leasing only capacities that are needed currently.
  • Reliability. Virtual machines are being located on a vast number of phsysical servers and migrate from one host to another in case of errors or troubles.

Our Stack23 Data Centre provides virtual infrastructure leasing services. Virtual infrastructure is based on a qualitative and proved VCloud Director solution supplied by VMware company. You can access the virtual resources using Account on our site. The Account also allows to pay for rented resources, as well as for various additional services. Thus, Account grants access to Vcloud Director for a direct work with rented infrastructure.

The virtual infrastructure itself is built with proved solutions provided by famous brands. Server infrastructure is built with Cisco servers. This Unified Computing Systems solution is equipped by a fail-free factory and many blade servers. Data storage system is built on Netapp equipment in a fail-free cluster.

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